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When: Wednesday, August 25, 5 - 6:30 p.m.

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Denver Moves Everyone

Denver Moves Everyone 2050 is a citywide plan for the future of transportation in our city.

This plan will identify transportation solutions to help everyone get where we need to go – safely, conveniently, equitably and sustainably.

For more information, visit our website.

  • Advance through the slides by first pressing the "Start" button, and then using the "Back" and "Next" buttons, or use the menu at the top of the page.
  • There are a total of 8 pages with input opportunities on page 2 and 6.
  • This should only take about 10 minutes to complete.
If you require this meeting in a different format, please submit your request by emailing or calling 303-524-8340.
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Moves Everyone?

First Things First.

Let's get better acquainted.

Drop a pin in the neighborhood you live in, then share some information about yourself.

This will help us make sure we are hearing from residents across all of Denver's great neighborhoods.

We promise not to share your personal information with anyone.
Transportation Values
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Denver's Transportation Values

Over the past several months, thousands of Denverites provided feedback on what they value and expect from our city’s transportation system. The top values listed below reflect what you told us was important to plan for.

Comfortable Neighborhoods & Streets

Climate Change

Convenient Mobility Choices

Reliable Travel

Safety & Security

Social & Racial Justice

Your Ideas
Inform Our Goals
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Transportation Values

Your Ideas Inform Our Goals

Mobility, Safety, Sustainability, Community and Quality

Denver residents’ values guided the development of draft goals for our long-term transportation plan.

Additional input from the Department of Transportation and Infrastructure, industry and planning partners, and previous planning studies informed the draft goals for our future transportation plan.

You also let us know that social and racial equity is a critical value that Denver must plan for. Equity connects us all and supports every one of our goal areas.

We also received feedback that public health, technology and the economy are important transportation themes –each goal will incorporate these values.

Mobility, Safety, Sustainability, Community and Quality

Equity or
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Inform Our Goals

Equitable Transportation in Denver

Equality means each one of us has the same access to the same opportunities. But one size bike does not fit all. Equity recognizes that each of us have different circumstances and that access to appropriate opportunities is needed to reach an equal outcome. The right size bike enables everyone to move forward.

Denver’s transportation system currently disadvantages low-income residents and communities of color. Disparities are particularly present in our neighborhoods located near major highways, which suffer from poor air quality. Also, many of our neighborhoods are without accessible and affordable options to get around without a car.

In an equitable Denver, everyone has the opportunity to be successful and to thrive. DOTI is committed to social and racial equity by taking race and the impacts of racism into account and systematically removing barriers in our transportation systems.

To achieve racial equity and eliminate racial disparities, DOTI’s policies, programs, practices, and procedures must center the voices, experiences, and needs of Denver’s Black, Indigenous, and People of Color communities.

Racial equity in transportation will be achieved when race can no longer be used to predict a racial group’s outcomes. This includes the safety, affordability, reliability, accessibility, and availability of transportation options that support individual transportation choices and options.

Through Denver Moves Everyone, DOTI is committed to acknowledging inequities in transportation services and systems and working to enable access to opportunity for every resident.

Tell us what
is Important
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Tell Us What is Important.

Answer each of the following questions honestly and in detail. There are no right or wrong answers. Think about the role of transportation in your community and where you feel improvements could be made. Your feedback will inform our plan for the future.

Mobility, Safety, Sustainability, Community and Quality Mobility, Safety, Sustainability, Community and Quality

Within each goal topic, we’re interested in what you think we should be doing over the next 30 years to improve our transportation system. We also ask that you consider how we create a more equitable transportation system in Denver that serves the needs of everyone, including our low income residents and workers and communities of color.

You can only choose three priorities!

You can only make three choices!

You can only choose three priorities!

You can only choose three priorities!

You can only choose three priorities!

Please answer all questions!

Thank you for your response!

Where do we
go from here?
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Stay Engaged on Next Steps

Your continued input is important. At each phase of this plan, your ideas will inform key elements of Denver’s future transportation plan.

  • Our shared vision and goals for the future of Denver’s transportation system.
  • Our trends and scenarios that will shape our transportation future.
  • Our priority future investments needed to meet our transportation goals.
  • Our benchmarks and targets to track how we are delivering on your vision.

Summer 2021 to Fall 2021: Setting the Foundation

Where are we now and what do we value?

  • Develop community-driven DME Goals, Objectives and Metrics.
  • Prepare DME State of the System Report.

Fall 2021 to Winter 2022: Finding the Path Forward

Where are we going and where do we want to be?

  • Leverage modeling tools to craft alternative scenarios and evaluate investment options against goals.

Winter 2022 to Summer 2022: Programming & Phasing

How are we getting there?

  • Develop fiscally constrained investment program.
  • Craft policies, programs and services to maximize investment ROI.

Summer 2022 to Fall 2022: Tracking our Progress

How are we doing?

  • Finalize Strategic Performance Framework.
  • Launch dashboards to track and evaluate DME success.
Thank You for
Your Input
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Back to the Beginning!

Thank You for shaping Denver's transportation future.

Be sure to join our distribution list to continue your involvement in this project.

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